Charmaine Caire, illustrator, photographer and pop artist, is a creator of worlds composed of
found objects, usurped scenes of multi-media vignettes and toys which often “humorously
evoke the affluence and plastic culture of suburbia while addressing a variety of topics from current events.


With these contrived artificial communities, she produces fantastic colored prints pushing the
potential of photography past two dimensions. She has been described as a “surreal juxtaposer”.


Born in 1950’s Trenton, New Jersey, she was raised in post-World War 2 Levittown and
graduated from Tyler School of Art. Fascinated by both the disposability and eternal life of
plastic toys in the tableaus she built, Caire created both connection and dissonance. These
objects combine to create a very short story or one-scene play, drawing the observer to
question their own connections and role in the story.


A Pew finalist, featured in solo shows such as the Woodmere Triennial of Photography, Special
Project Gallery (NYC) and Exhibit A, highlighted in the New Yorker Magazine and Camera Arts
Magazine, and a fellow of the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, to name a few of her
accomplishments, Charmaine has produced four decades of “stop and think” work.